Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rookie Fisherwomen

The day we'd been waiting for. Jill and I got to use our fishing licenses. After a quick lesson from fishing expert, Bill, and a lot of complaining about the windy conditions, we tried our luck. Bill brought rods (not poles) for all and we spread out along the bank and enjoyed the peace of standing along a beautiful river. It was great, I could definitely see myself spending time like this.

I was lucky enough to land a little, tiny brown trout. Of course, all fish were thrown back to be caught another and another and another day. Jill looked cute in Bill's waders (always important). Then we were hungry. So, we headed to the Old Faithful Lodge area for a picnic.

Throughout the week, we'd been keeping track of all the license plates we saw. On this day, we were only in need of Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi and Delaware. We figured we'd never find Hawaii, but you never know. After lunch, we scouted the parking lot and found all but Delaware. Sad to say, we never did see Delaware. they not travel?

After lunch, we took a hike to the famous Morning Glory pool. It was very beautiful, but the highlight of the hike was another geyser that continuously spewed water and sounded like a dragon breathing. Oh...and the little boy who said, "directly to your left you'll see the Mastiff Geyser". Who talks like that?

They guys headed back for a bit more time on the riverbank, while the ladies drove back to camp to let the doggies out and get ready for our dinner at the Old Faithful Inn. On the way, we say about a gazillion cars pulled over to the side of the road and some park rangers. Obviously, we had to join the fun. It was our first glimpse of a grizzly bear mamma with two cubs sleeping under a tree a couple hundred yards off the road. There wasn't much to see, but at least we saw a little.

Dinner was nice at the beautiful inn. The inn itself is so hard to describe. Here's a link to some pictures . Between us, we ordered buffalo steaks, salmon and corn cakes. The food was great, the atmosphere better. Afterward, we wandered around the Inn. Outside on the 2nd floor, there's a deck to view Old Faithful. Wish we'd been there during the day to take advantage of the panorama.

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