Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bloody Jack - L.A. Meyer

This was a fun read. A young adult book recommended by a friend. A young orphan girl signs up to be a hand on a British Naval vessel that's searching for pirates. She disguises herself as a boy and joins a pack of other boys who work on the ship.

The Road - Cormac McCarthy

I love Cormac McCarthy. This book is far different from his last one, No Country for Old Men. It's about a man and his son who are making their way down The Road several years after a war that's caused most life to be destroyed. All wildlife and plants are gone and all food is scavenged from abandoned homes. There are few people alive, and they must avoid the bad guys and carry 'the fire' because they are the good guys. The book's main theme is the relationship and dialog between the man and boy, their dependence on one another, and the drive to stay ethical in the worst of circumstances.

It's a very quick read. Keep your kleenex handy.