Sunday, June 27, 2010

We love Craigslist

A few months ago we started cleaning out the garage with the intention of having a giant garage sale. The best laid plans.... No garage sale and the garage is messier than before, but we're making headway. In the meantime, we've been posting and selling stuff on Craigslist and company bulletin board. I think we may have already come close to making the amount we would have made at the garage sale. Here's what has sold so far:
Left handed recurve bow - $100
Stair climber (non functional) - $25
Ice skates $40
12 hours use of our motorhome $350
Heavy punching bag (free standing) $80
Waterskis and tow rope $40
Cell phone $25
Honda Civic
Golf Clubs $100

Items still for sale:
Queen bed (cherry)
Hanging heavy bag
Slalom Water skis & wooden paddles
Golf pull cart
Table top drill press
Four Drawer Filing Cabinet
Office Chairs
Womens shoes
Cell phones
1996 Yamaha Royal Star

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Girls

In May we were the proud owners of two old ladies, Sassy (15) and Rosie (14). They were the sweetest Boston Terriers. By June 15, we were dogless. It is so sad.

Sweet Sassy May had been fading for several months, she slept all the time and had several episodes, either heart issues or seizures, we weren't sure. But she was always right beside us when we were home. She went just like we all would like to, fell asleep and didn't wake up.

Rosebud was a clown, so funny, such a great sense of humor. She had a medical issue that didn't slow her down one bit until the end. One moment she was fine, the next she wasn't.

They were travellers, we took them in the motorhome on several trips to California, they went to Yellowstone, the beach, and everywhere we went in the RV. They loved to ride on the dashboard where they had a view of the road.

We will miss them both so much.

Weekly Recipes #23 - Darla

Oriental Flank Steak with Asparagus and Wild-Rice Pilaf
Asparagus is so good right now. Anyone need some Fall River Wild rice. I know you have some Heather.

Thai Beef Salad Wraps
I have enjoyed the thai summer rolls that I made alot last summer. these are a variation. I used the baked firm Tofu instead of meat. I get it at the health food store it is about 3 inches square and there are usually two in a package. In Taiwan we called it dofu gan.
these are so good on a hot summer evening. A friend of mine grows Thai basil in her garden which she gave tons to me last summer it is very minty so therefore no need for mint. Oh yes, instead of flour tortillas get some THai rice paper spring roll wrappers. Just soak in water

Lemon-Blueberry Muffins
Jill loves bluberries so the first recipe this week is in honor of Jill.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Graduation Week

We flew to Southern California for probably the last time for the next few years. Jill Graduated from Loma Linda Medical School and we went down early to help them pack up their house to move to Massachusetts.

The first few days were spent packing, then starting on Thursday, we celebrated. Disneyland, Hooding Ceremony, Baccalaureate, and finally Graduation.

My pictures are on the slideshow below, but Jason took a bunch of great pics and they're posted on Facebook:!/album.php?aid=434120&id=679655595&ref=pb