Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Newest Sock project

Making these socks a little smaller than the last pair.

Girls' Quilting Weekend in Sunriver

Had a great weekend with my quilting friends: Darla, Stephanie, Rhonda, and Judy. We went to Sunriver and sewed, walked, ate, knitted, and talked...

Darla's quilt on the design wall. We all talked her into button-hole applique on the picture blocks. She got them all stitched by the end of the weekend.

Finished my socks and started another pair.

Rhonda started a vintage 9-patch quilt for her daughter Kelly's wedding. 140 5-inch 9-patch blocks in green, gold, black, brown and a little blue. Lots of work...most of the blocks were done by the end of the weekend. Stephanie is quilting one of the charity quilts we are donating. I quilted the other one.

Darla, Stephanie and Rhonda out for a walk. We walked 6 miles on Saturday and on Sunday and 3 miles on Monday. Judy is the pace setter. She walks so fast, the rest of us have a hard time keeping up.

Judy and Darla collaborating on the Moose quilt.

Our menu:

Darla made a wonderful Chile Relleno breakfast casserole served with fresh berries

Stephanie - Pasta Fagoli, salad and kalamata olive bread

I made German Pancakes with strawberries, turkey bacon, and pineapple

Rhonda - Chicken and vegetables served with yellow curry over brown rice

Judy - Homemade granola w/yogurt fruit

Monday, April 17, 2006

Family Photos

My folks moved out of our family home after more than 50 years. Their new apartment didn't have room for all the family photos and I now have boxes of pictures. Here is a nice selection of my parents and grandparents.

My mom, about 3 years old.

Here she is again in her 20's.

My mom's parents,