Monday, March 13, 2006

Brookings Weekend

After a snowy Friday evening drive to Brookings (6 hours!), we had a great weekend with Bill & Darla. On Sabbath, we woke up to sunny, cold weather. Enjoyed a walk on the beach, Bill found a souvenir, before driving to the Smith River and 'drifting' for several hours. Along the way, we stopped and stretched out legs in a beautiful grove of Redwoods. Pat even learned how to row a drift boat. By the end, we were pretty chilled. It was a good thing we had coffee and a heater in the boat. Afterward, we had delicious fish and chips, then it was hot tub time.

It was sunny again on Sunday and we played a scramble at Salmon Run. Of course, the team with the lowest combined handicap (Pat &Darla) won. Although Bill & LeAnne tried their best, it just wasn't good enough.

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