Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Girls' Quilting Weekend in Sunriver

Had a great weekend with my quilting friends: Darla, Stephanie, Rhonda, and Judy. We went to Sunriver and sewed, walked, ate, knitted, and talked...

Darla's quilt on the design wall. We all talked her into button-hole applique on the picture blocks. She got them all stitched by the end of the weekend.

Finished my socks and started another pair.

Rhonda started a vintage 9-patch quilt for her daughter Kelly's wedding. 140 5-inch 9-patch blocks in green, gold, black, brown and a little blue. Lots of work...most of the blocks were done by the end of the weekend. Stephanie is quilting one of the charity quilts we are donating. I quilted the other one.

Darla, Stephanie and Rhonda out for a walk. We walked 6 miles on Saturday and on Sunday and 3 miles on Monday. Judy is the pace setter. She walks so fast, the rest of us have a hard time keeping up.

Judy and Darla collaborating on the Moose quilt.

Our menu:

Darla made a wonderful Chile Relleno breakfast casserole served with fresh berries

Stephanie - Pasta Fagoli, salad and kalamata olive bread

I made German Pancakes with strawberries, turkey bacon, and pineapple

Rhonda - Chicken and vegetables served with yellow curry over brown rice

Judy - Homemade granola w/yogurt fruit

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