Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snowshoe adventure

We planned to hit the mountain for a little snowboarding, but the weather didn't cooperate. It was SCARY driving there, could hardly see a thing, and the parking lot had about a foot of snow. The lifts were hidden behind the heavy blowing snow and we figured that even though the snow would be fantastic, the visibility was way too poor.

So instead, we decided to go snowshoeing. After eating a spicy Chipotle Burger at BaseCamp Grill, we rented snowshoes, drove the a parking spot by the river and headed out. I thought we'd go for an hour or so, but we got a little carried away and hiked all the way to the stable through deep unpacked snow. Then we had to get back...cut across the airport runway to the lodge...and still about a mile to go, phew! At that point, we took off the snowshoes and stuck to the plowed path. 4 hours later we got back to the car, just as it was getting dark.

Then, back to the dinner for the fantastic dinner...see next post.

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