Friday, March 14, 2008

Poor Sassy

The girls got into a fight last Friday and we didn't provide the proper first aid to poor Sassy's leg, Rosie's usually biting spot. By Monday, it was quite swollen and required a trip to the vet. She was given antibiotic pills and shots and the vet said to put hot packs on it so it would drain (yuk!) Sassy has a heart murmur and the doctor felt uncomfortable anesthetizing her for surgery. Well, no sooner did we put on the hot pack than a bunch of icky fluid drained out and a huge crater opened. A call to the vet told us to leave it alone, they would look at it again on Thursday. In the meantime, the swelling went down and the redness went away, but the gaping hole in Sassy's leg remained. Back to the vet on Thursday and Friday and Saturday. Poor girl has to have it bandaged every day to every 2 days until it heals.

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