Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Remodel Update

So exciting. The bathroom remodel is just about done and we can't wait to kick the boy out of our bathroom. He was very considerate and didn't really get in our way, but we're not used to sharing. The pictures show the new flooring (travertine), counters (tumbled marble), shower accent (travertine that matches both the floor and the counter backsplash), and paint (Broome by Ralph Lauren). Pat did all the plumbing last night so the sinks and toilet are back in service. I caulked the bathtub and sinks (still need to do the toilet). Only a few things left to do: towel bars and tp holder; hang the mirrors (yes, two); touch up the wood trim; caulk the toilet; install the shower curtain rod; and optionally, paint or antique the cabinets and install the knobs. That's it!! So, here are a few preliminary pictures:

You can see the new trim and the paint color in this picture.

Here are the new faucets and sinks and one of the mirrors. Not sure we want to leave the cabinets white.

You can see the floor here. The old floor was gray and pink linoleum Vast improvement.

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