Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Pictures coming later...

I can't believe the crazy December weather we've had for over a week now. Having grown up in the Portland area, it's never ever been like this. Snow on the ground for 9 days and no sign of it going away any time soon. My patio table has at least 16 inches, the driveway is undrivable, and the local highways require tire chains (for the last 4 days!)

Last weekend in Renton, it snowed a little, but Pat and I managed to drive to Portland on Monday (12/15). Portland area was much worse, lots of snow in Beaverton with a weather forecast showing it to continue. After a meeting on Tuesday, Pat high-tailed it north and I hunkered down.

Jill flew in during a short let up in the weather on Thursday, we managed to do a lot of shopping on Friday, then the snow really came. By Saturday mid-day we had about 5 inches and it never stopped until yesterday (Monday) afternoon.

I don't have chains, no a snow shovel, so even the trusy Subaru in the garage is doing me no good. Lots of walking to the local Starbucks, grocery story, movie store, and Walgreens. Also, lots of reading (got a stack of books at the library on Friday). So many people out, I wish it was always like that. And way too much fun watching the crazy drivers slide, even with chains.

We intended to take the bus to the movies, but all the local bus service was cancelled, so we just walked around the neighborhood. I've taken lots of pics which will be posted soon.

Today, we're taking MAX to the airport. Jill's scheduled to fly out at 4:30. And again, good timing. Most flights have been cancelled for the last 4 days, but today, they're moving again. Need to get that girl home for the holidays. First married Xmas and all. Wish us luck.

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