Monday, September 11, 2006

Empty Nesting

Since Joel's been away at school we've had quite the time. Spent a hot lazy afternoon at Cook Park on the Tualatin River. The next day, wanting to explore kayaking lessons, went to Hayden Island and ended up having a great lunch at a floating restaurant. Felt like vacation. Of course, we went golfing, too.

Finally, last weekend, we went to the Pacific Shores RV Resort. Definitely a step above your average RV park. The weather was awesome and we actually saw WHALES!! On Saturday, we drove over to Depoe Bay and Boiler Bay and saw an abundance of whales, some very close to shore and others, aways out in the ocean, but close enough that we could see them breach and blow. We figured we saw at least 10 different whales. No such luck on Sunday. But we did have lunch at our favorite, Tidal Raves.

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Anonymous said...

love the quilt for Jill. Sounds like you guys are surviving empty nest syndrome quite well. How cool to see so many whales. What kind? Darla