Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 5 - Lava Beds

Saturday morning we drove north to the Lava Beds to go spelunking. Somehow, I was expecting that it would be fairly well marked and/or supervised. No, you're basically on your own. Fortunately, maps are available at the visitor center and we had lots of headlamps and flashlights. It could have been scary and claustrophobic, but we had a lot of cool heads with us.

All 11, including children, went into the first cave, which was basically a figure 8. You couldn't really get lost, but it was dark and had interesting lava flows. The second cave, The Catacombs, was much more complex and a map was needed. Baby Landon, Darla and I waited outside in hopes the baby would take a nap. No one got lost so we headed to Medicine Lake for lunch.

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