Monday, July 06, 2009

Potpourri of activity

This morning we made up for yesterday. Why are the good sports on TV in the summer? We spent most of the day Sunday watching the mens' finals at Wimbledon and the PGA tournament in Washington DC. Should have been outside enjoying the weather. We made it out for a bike ride in the morning, followed by mediocre Boba. In the afternoon, we drove out to Cultus, Wickiup, and Crane Prairie Reservoir to scope out future kayaking/camping opportunities.

But today...ran 45 minutes, played tennis for almost an hour and took a bike ride after our first day of pushups.

What the heck happened to the Hot Lava Baking Company in Sunriver. They used to make the best glazed donuts. So, we stopped at the end of our bike ride to pick up a few. NO...they don't even make glazed donuts anymore and to make matters worse, they don't take credit cards, only cash. Guess what? We probably won't be going there very often. Obviously under new ownership.

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