Sunday, June 27, 2010

We love Craigslist

A few months ago we started cleaning out the garage with the intention of having a giant garage sale. The best laid plans.... No garage sale and the garage is messier than before, but we're making headway. In the meantime, we've been posting and selling stuff on Craigslist and company bulletin board. I think we may have already come close to making the amount we would have made at the garage sale. Here's what has sold so far:
Left handed recurve bow - $100
Stair climber (non functional) - $25
Ice skates $40
12 hours use of our motorhome $350
Heavy punching bag (free standing) $80
Waterskis and tow rope $40
Cell phone $25
Honda Civic
Golf Clubs $100

Items still for sale:
Queen bed (cherry)
Hanging heavy bag
Slalom Water skis & wooden paddles
Golf pull cart
Table top drill press
Four Drawer Filing Cabinet
Office Chairs
Womens shoes
Cell phones
1996 Yamaha Royal Star

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