Saturday, July 05, 2008

Grand Tetons and Grizzlies

We were sad to leave Yellowstone, but excited to head south to Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole. It's just a short drive out the south entrance to Grand Teton. Our first stop was at the Jackson Lake Lodge where there's a deck overlooking a meadow where animals roam. The only thing we saw was a herd of elk in the distance. Eavesdropping on other sightseers was entertaining. They all thought the could see moose and other wild animals when, in fact, they were either looking at elk or a rock.

Then we drove on to Jenny Lake, stopping along the way to take pictures of the mountains and wildflowers. The wildflowers all week were out of this world, especially in the Tetons. The fields were abloom with purple or yellow flowers. So lovely.

At Jenny Lake, we ate lunch, then had a difficult time finding a parking spot for the RV, but we finally located something. We decided to hike the 2.5 miles to the Hidden Falls. The trail was very well maintained and it was a pleasant time viewing the lake, flowers, and mountains all along the way. Now that's what hiking should be like. A new vista at every turn. After checking out the wildly cascading water, we took a the shuttle boat back across the lake as the sun was going down behind the mountains. Wow!

Our reservations for the night were a few miles east of the park, so we headed out. On the way, we again saw cars pulled over and lo and behold...Grizzly. Just off the road. Of course, we stopped and gawked and took lots of pics where the bear is too small to see, but oh well. How often does one see a grizzly bear?

The RV park left a little to be desired, our view of the mountains was partially blocked by dumpsters, but the drive past Wyoming ranches was worth it. The area could not be more beautiful. Bill found a dead mouse under the motorhome, so we took a picture of him flying over the mountains. Little things amuse little minds!

The next morning we woke to a bright, clear day to spend in Jackson Hole before heading home. We shopped around. Great shopping! Ate lunch at the Snake River Brewery...just ok and then had to say goodbye to Bill & Darla who were driving home through SLC.

Jill really wanted to drive home via Missoula, MT and Coeur d'Alene, but it was just too far out of the way. Maybe next time. I guess Jill doesn't always get what she wants....

The drive out of Jackson Hole in the RV was slow, to say the least. We had quite the line up of cars trailing us. But once we were over the top the drive back to Portland went quick. We left Wyoming at 3:30 and got the Oregon around 11:00 p.m. where we spent the night in a rest area. Pat and I got up early and started driving and made it back home by mid afternoon. Lunch was at a great resaurant, The Baldwin Saloon in The Dalles.

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