Saturday, July 05, 2008

Old Faithful & Fly Fishing

Early the next morning, I made scones (nice to have the motorhome's oven) with dried cherries, white chocolate chips and pecans. It is so nice to eat tasty food outside. Along with the scones, we had fruit and fresh ground coffee.

Our first stop was the Old Faithful Lodge where we enjoyed fresh huckleberry ice cream while we waited for Old Faithful's eruption. On the drive from our campsite to the lodge we crossed the Continental Divide twice. During our week in Yellowstone, we probably crossed it a dozen times at least.

I was surprised how many people wait for each eruption, which take place about every 90 minutes (give or take). The eruptions vary in size and the one we saw was fairly small but still exciting.

Our next stop was the riverbank of the Firehole River. We slogged through a marshy area to get to the river and set up a nice day camp. The guys fished, the rest of us wandered, talked, read and knitted in the sun. We had a resident bison who kept us company nearby throughout the day and another that showed up across the river late in the afternoon. Lunch was grilled ciabatta sandwiches with fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, feta and pesto.

We had one last stop at another geyser basin where we saw crazy people 'approaching' the bison. Evidently, many people are injured by bison when they get too close. So scary, they came within about 5 feet of them. The most impressive hot pool was called the prismatic pool, it was so blue.

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