Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mammoth, Mountain Sheep & Montana

Our longest drive was to the northwest corner of Yellowstone to the Mammoth area. As we drove north, the country opened up and we saw many bison herds and other animals including mountain sheep. It's amazing how many cars are driving around the park and the insane slamming of brakes when a wild animal is sighted. Cars end up stopped every which way on and off the road.

Our plan was to drive to Mammoth and partake in the hotsprings as they pour into the river. Unfortunately, the river area was closed due to high water from the late spring runoff. It was also unexpected to have no water running over the travertine steps. It's usually a waterfall, but this time, quite dry. Just goes to show how much Yellowstone features change from year to year. Some are new, some dry up, you just never know.

So, we drove a little way and had lunch along a river in the little corner of Yellowstone that is in Montana. Then we hung out and enjoyed cooling our feet in the cold water. It was definitely the hottest day we experience and the water was a welcome break.

Driving back to camp took us by the Ranger Museum where we had a little stop and scouted out the terrain for the next day's fishing adventure on the Firehole River. Another satifying day!!

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