Saturday, April 25, 2009

At Sea

At Sea
Ice cream – swirl cones
Schooner Lounge – Name that Tune
Deck 5 Forward – Stars at night, wind in the day, views
Private Balcony – peace & quiet, sound of the ocean, sunscreen application
Stairs – up and down, down and up
Promenade Café – early morning coffee & pastry run, afternoon snack
Deck 4 – around and around, exercise
Royal Promenade – reminiscent of an old town street
Spa – Couples’ massage class
Food – so-so
Ellington’s on 14 – whales!

Formal night was fun. We didn’t get dressed up until almost dinner time because we were hanging out on the Royal Promenade watching everyone. Formal night ain’t what it used to be. Only about 10% were really dressed formally, then about 50% were dressed nicely and the rest… no accounting for taste.

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