Saturday, April 11, 2009

Girls' Weekend in Sunriver

Our annual girls' weekend in Sunriver was a great time. It was the usual gang with the usual craft items. Quilting, Knitting and now Card Making. Stephanie brought all the fabric for a quilt for charity and we whipped it out in a day and a half. Each of us has a preferred task: I like the planning so I do the math and organize the cutting. Stephanie & Darla cut fabric and ironed as Judy sewed, and Rhonda, with her artistic eye, layed out the blocks.
In addition to quilting, delicious food was prepared and consumed, conversations went well into the night, and a bit of shopping (fabric and yarn) was done.

As we were leaving town, Pat and Steve took over the condo for a couple days of guy time; an abundance skiing and golfing.

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