Friday, April 24, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

Day 5 – Puerto Vallarta
Love, love Puerto Vallarta. The dock area is clean and pretty. We were in port with another Princess ship, The Star Princess.

Caught a cab into downtown, then walked the Malecon (beach boardwalk) south til near the end. Set up for the day at the El Dorado beach restaurant, a place we found last time we were there. It’s right near the water activities so there’s a lot going on all day, including a ton of vendors.

Pat kept calling them over and having the show their wares (again). Only bought a crocodile magnet.

Puerto Vallarta is chock full of cute shops and restaurants, a beautiful cathedral, lovely walk along the beach and some quaint older hotels along the beach that seem intriguing.

We headed back to the ship fairly early (around 3). Hung out by the pool, then on our balcony until dinner. The sunsets and sunrises from the balcony are beautiful and peaceful. Can’t imagine having an inside cabin. We notice many people sitting on the promenade deck in the morning, they probably have no view from their rooms.

So far, we’ve eaten every dinner in the dining room and all lunches and breakfasts in the buffet, except room service in Mazatlan before golf.

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